Knowing God is simple.

A person does need to hear the gospel to know Him fully, forever.

God’s eternal power and divine nature are revealed in His works and all that He has made.

Every person relies on God in the natural realm their entire life, even before they were born.

God created them and sustains their life.

Every person believes in invisible, spiritual things and knows there is an eternity.

Relying on God In the spiritual realm is as simple as relying on Him in the natural realm. God’s presence and glory is all around every person, just like the air and light from the sun in the natural realm.

God is always available, to every person, all the time, for all eternity.

Knowing God is as simple as receiving the sun and air. A person simply gets to say yes to Him.

Every person chooses everything they do, their entire life.

Their most important choice is between God and self.

Those who choose God receive eternal life. They will live forever in heaven.

Those who choose self are spiritually dead. When they die, they will go to eternal death in hell.

A person does not need to know that Jesus died for them to be saved.

God’s power and divine nature are so clear and obvious; He has made it so apparent that man relies on Him and needs Him; He has made knowing Him so simple and easy; that man is without excuse if they do not know Him.

For those who do hear the gospel, more is required of them.

If someone hears about Jesus Christ; about His passion, sacrifice and death; about His human life and ministry; about the fact that He is alive forever; about His divinity and deity; about the revelation that He is Lord and God; and more; they are very fortunate. And for those people, more is required of them than someone who does not hear those truths.

Matthew 18:3, Romans 1:20, James 1:17, Romans 12:3, Isaiah 42:5, Job 12:10, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Joshua 24:15, Matthew 25:34,41, Revelation 20:15, Luke 12:48

The most important choice in the history of the universe, for mankind, is when God chose to give His Son to the world.

He gave Jesus to die for the world. He made this choice before the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8).

He has given His Son through the Holy Spirit since Jesus died.

He will give His Son to His children for eternity.

The most important choice a man has ever made was when Jesus chose to die for the world. He made this choice before the world was and as a man on the earth (John 17:5, Matthew 26:36-46).

The most important choice for a person is their choice between God or self.