Jesus Died for You

Jesus died for you.

He chose to die.

No one took His life from Him.

He chose to die for you and the world.

He had the power to lay down His life.

He had the power to take it up again.

He received that command from His Father.

After He rose from the dead, He ascended to heaven and to the right hand of God’s Power.

The resurrection of Jesus is the greatest miracle in human history.

Jesus Christ is alive forever.

Whoever believes in Him receives eternal life and will live forever. Amen!

Matthew 26:36-46, John 10:18a, John 3:16, John 10:18b, John 10:18c, Matthew 26:64

The Father Sent Jesus to Die for the You and the World

The Father sent Jesus from heaven to die for you and the world.

God made man into His own image and likeness.

You are eternal.

Every person will spend eternity in either heaven or hell.

Your soul is priceless, worth more than the world and everything in it, multiplied times infinity.

If someone is saved, their spirit person is alive through the power of God.

If they continue on with Jesus, they will live forever in the glory of heaven.

If someone dies without Jesus as Lord and Savior, they go to eternal death because their spirit person never became alive while they were on earth. Their body and soul will exist forever in hell, the eternal fire prepared for the enemy and his angels.

God loves the world so much, God gave His Son to the world, so humans can receive eternal life, live forever in God’s home, heaven, where they will fellowship with Him forever, and avoid hell.

Jesus came to the earth and lived as a human like you.

Jesus became what you are, so you could become what He is.

He was born, lived for 33 years, and died.

He died for the world.

He died that you might live, forever.

There is no greater love than someone laying down their life for his friends.

The fact that God sent His Son to die for you and the world reveals His love for mankind.

Jesus Christ is the King, the Savior, the Son of God and . . . the Lord God Almighty.

John 6, John 3:16, Matthew 16:26, John 3:16, John 10:28, John 6:51, John 15:13, John 8:58

Jesus is Alive

Jesus is alive, forever.

He knocks on the door of your spirit person, the real you.

He who believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting, eternal life

When someone receives Him, He prays to the Father Who sends the Holy Spirit to them.

He ever lives to pray for those who come to God by Him.

He gives His people eternal life.

They will never perish. They will live forever.

No one can take them out of Jesus’ hand.

Jesus’ Father gave them to Jesus.

His Father is greater than all.

No one can take them out of the Father’s hand.

Jesus and the Father are one.

John 3:16, Revelation 3:20, John 14:16, Hebrews 7:25, John 10:28-30